Author of the Month - Marianne Germain

The Author of the Month for January 2018 is Marianne Germain, author of Roachville.

About Marianne:
95% translator, 5% writer, Marianne Germain lives with her partner, their 2 daughters, one dog and a cat, in a small village in the South of France. She likes music, tennis and her electric bike.

What is your favorite genre to read besides mysteries?
I have quite eclectic tastes, but my favorite genres are magical realism, science fiction and contemporary literature. Most of all, it has to be well written, style is very important.

Who are your favorite authors?
My favorite authors are Haruki Murakami, Boris Vian, Michel Houellebecq, Isabel Allende, although there are many many more.

What are you reading right now?
The Pyramid by Henning Mankel (a master in the mystery genre)

What book(s) would you recommend to someone?
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles by Haruki Murakami
The Millenium Series by Stieg Larsson
To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

Tell us a little about your main characters.
The main character, Annika Roy, is at a crossroad in her life. Although she won’t admit, she’s depressed and despondent. She’s sarcastic and cynical, and she worries about the world a lot.
Her friends, Vi and Bek, smoke a lot of pot, but they have her back.
Then, there’s handsome but shady Kenneth Tann. He’s completely obsessed with a mysterious artefact, that puts him at war with the Laotian mother-daughter duo, Phuong and Mei and their Australian aborigines bodyguards, Kalaroo and Mulalloo.
So, all in all, a rather diverse cast.

What is the first book that stayed with you?
L’Écume des Jours (Froth on a Daydream) by Boris Vian, a surrealist novel. I read it first when I was 15 years old and it blew my mind. Boris Vian was a visionary, his style is weird and playful. He loved inventing words, like the “pianocktail” (When you play a melody on the pianocktail, it produces a cocktail. If you don’t play it well, the cocktail will taste awful).

Translator Annika Roy is bored with life and just going through the motions when a mysterious artefact comes crashing into her lonely existence, forcing her to interact with the outside world again.
But there’s danger there, and Annika must decide whether to follow the handsome but shady Kenneth Tann on his obsessive quest, or to trust an enigmatic mother-daughter duo and their two aborigine bodyguards.

It’s a journey from the mundane to the weird—on a road with twists, turns, and more than a few bumps.